Review: La Aurora 1903 Preferidos Diamond

Campbell Cigar Club is happy to be open for business once again after two weeks of remodeling. Hope most of you fellas survived the time.

To prepare for the re-opening; Bass visited his buddies at J.M.G. International when he was given some good news, the  La Aurora 1903 Preferidos Diamond had finally arrived.

We first learned about the La Aurora 1903 Preferidos Diamond back in October. It was during a special dinner at Taverna Bistro with Guillermo Leon, President of La Aurora S.A. The event was an opportunity for Bay Area cigar merchants to learn about current La Aurora products and what to expect in the future.

The La Aurora 1903 Preferidos was released during the 2012 Holiday season but due to popular demand we were unable to acquire a box until now.

La Aurora 1903 Preferidos Diamond is a full body cigar made using a Dominican filler with a Dominican Maduro binder and wrapped in a Connecticut Broadleaf. The cigar comes in a collectible tubos that is colored metallic black and decorated with an oval that bares the La Aurora logo.

The guys at Campbell Cigar have always enjoyed a cigar from La Aurora while the La Aurora 1903 Preferidos line has always been an excellent cigar. The Diamond is no exception as this was our overall rating:
Bass – 9/10
Stan – 9/10
Random Customer 1 – 8/10
Random Customer 2 – 10/10

One has to admire its dark wrapper and oily texture before lighting it. At the first puff we already were intrigued by the mix of hazelnut and chocolate flavor of the cigar. As the cigar progressed the hazelnut and chocolate flavor would fully develop while an ceder flavor can also be tasted.

La Aurora 1903 Preferidos Diamond was the perfect cigar to smoke in honor of the grand re-opening of the store. Campbell Cigar will be selling the La Aurora 1903 Preferidos Diamond for $29 (not including tax) per cigar and supply is very limited.

Written for Campbell Cigar Club
Original Article: Review: La Aurora 1903 Preferidos Diamond


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